Technology Benefits

Capturing energy from regenerative braking with a parallel hybrid hydraulic system is by far the simplest, most efficient and cost effective hybrid technology for urban commercial vehicles.

Permo-Drive’s RDS is the best available option for heavy vehicles which stop and start frequently including urban delivery vehicles, garbage trucks, buses, construction and mining machines.

Every second millions of commercial vehicles are braking. Currently, each time the vehicle stops, the energy which was moving them is lost into the atmosphere.

The RDS is expected to become a sought after device for gaining carbon credits and congestion tax relief.

Key Benefits

The RDS provides:

  • improved fuel economy, typically 20-30% for urban commercial vehicles
  • reduced carbon dioxide emissions in direct proportion to the fuel saved
  • reduced nitrogen oxides, particulates and other smog emissions in higher proportion to the fuel saved
  • payback to the user of typically 3 years
  • continuing operation should RDS malfunction. RDS turns itself off and allows the vehicle to continue working
  • all normal braking
  • relatively simple fit to new vehicles or retrofit to existing vehicles
  • ease of maintenance using existing industry skills
  • easy to drive