Best Oxidation Remover for RV in 2019

Your RV is one of the most valuable things you own but are you taking care of it as well as you should? Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a full-time RVer, or someone who likes to take it out a few times a year, your RV is getting damaged every day.

Fortunately, one of the simplest ways to prevent the wear and tear that comes from the environment is to use the best oxidation remover for RVs.

In this article, we’re going to look at the top five products in this category, as well as go over how to use them effectively on your mobile home.

Best Oxidation Removers

Meguiar’s Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover

When it comes to oxidation, boats get a lot more abuse than RVs. Those that sit out on saltwater get it the worst, which is why getting a marine-grade oxidation remover is a smart choice.

Meguiar’s is already one of the top brands in the business, and this Heavy Duty Remover is one of our favorite options. Let’s see how well it can preserve your motorhome from environmental abuse.

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Removes Oxidation and Restores Shine
You’ll know that your RV needs cleaning and waxing as soon as the color on the outside starts to fade. Sunlight is going to do the most damage, so if you’re traveling around in the hottest parts of summer, you’ll need to work extra hard to keep your motorhome in good shape.

Thankfully, this product is formulated to work on light to moderate oxidation. Best of all, the mild abrasives help remove most scratches from the surface, giving it a much deeper color and shine when you’re finished.

Works on Gel Coats
For the most part, RVs come with a fiberglass shell bonded with a gel coat on top. However, while the gel coating does keep the material from breaking down too quickly, it can deteriorate over time.

Fortunately, Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover is strong enough to restore moderate damage but soft enough to preserve the integrity of your gel coat. Regardless of the kind of RV shell you have, this product should work wonders.

What I Liked
Since this product is designed for marine use, it works harder than most other oxidation removers out there. I also appreciate that you can use it on regular or gel-coated fiberglass.

What I Didn’t Like
As with most oxidation removers, this product won’t work well on RVs with substantial UV damage. In those cases, you’ll have to take it to a professional.

Safe and easy to use
Works on most RV surfaces
Marine-grade is more powerful
Restores finish and color
Creates a brilliant shine

Not suited for heavy oxidation
May require a machine buffer to get noticeable results

Meguiar’s M77132 Heavy Oxidation Scrub

Typically speaking, oxidation removers are designed to restore your RV from mild to moderate sun and UV damage. However, if your mobile home is showing signs of significant wear and tear, you need something much heftier. Enter Meguiar’s Heavy Oxidation Scrub.

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Made for Heavy Oxidation
Ideally, you’ll take care of your RV so well that you’ll never have to use this product. However, whether your motorhome has been sitting out in the sun for months (or years), or you’ve bought a secondhand model, this scrub is going to help restore much of the damage.

Ready to Use Formula
In some cases, you have to mix your cleaning solution with water so that it doesn’t damage the surface of your RV. However, because this product is designed for heavy oxidation, that doesn’t really matter.

All you have to do is wet the surface, squirt some of this scrub on it, and start brushing. Most of the damage will come off right away.

What I Liked
As we mentioned before, most oxidation removers are not designed for heavy-duty applications. I appreciate that this scrub can help restore RVs that have been neglected for a long time.

What I Didn’t Like
If your RV doesn’t have heavy oxidation, then you don’t need this product. While it may be tempting to use highly concentrated cleaners, they can usually do more harm than good.

Simple and easy to use
No mixing required
Removes stains, rust, and mold
Restores surface materials

Too strong for light or moderate oxidation
Won’t add shine or polish to your RV – you need to add those afterward
May not work as well on boat surfaces

Premium RV Wax Color Restorer and Oxidation Remover

For the most part, oxidation removers and waxes are two separate products. However, if you want to save time and money, you can combine them by getting something like this blend from Thetford.

Rating: 4 Stars


Polishes and Waxes
If you’re like most casual RVers, you don’t want to spend most of your day cleaning and waxing your mobile home. Fortunately, this product does both simultaneously so that you can save both time and money. Also, it will restore the color of your fiberglass, so it doesn’t look as faded.

Works on All Surfaces
Just because we’re talking about the best oxidation removers for RVs doesn’t mean that you can’t use them on other vehicles. This formula is versatile enough to work on cars, trucks, boats, and anything else you may have in your garage.

What I Liked
When it comes to convenience and simplicity, this product is one of the best. I like that it both polishes (restores) and waxes (protects) your RV, making the cleaning process a breeze.

What I Didn’t Like
Although combining features makes your life easier, the results aren’t going to be as spectacular. You will have to apply this more frequently to get the same protection as you would by cleaning and waxing separately.

Simple and easy to use
Versatile formula
Polishes and waxes
Infused with carnauba wax

Not as heavy-duty as other products
May leave streaks if you don’t dry thoroughly

CorrosionX 61002 Rejex

One of the issues with most oxidation removers is that you have to apply wax to prevent further damage. Fortunately, this product from Corrosion-X keeps your RV in pristine shape for longer, all without having to buy any wax.

Rating: 4 Stars


Military-Grade Formula
Chances are that you don’t like the idea of cleaning and waxing your RV every few months. If you want to go longer between sessions, you’ll love the heavy-duty application of Rejex. This formula is designed to work on military vehicles, meaning that your motorhome should be safe and sound.

No Wax Needed
Unlike other oxidation removers, you won’t have to apply a coat of wax after you’re done with Rejex. This material forms a tight bond with your RV’s gel coating, ensuring that you get superior UV and acid protection (i.e., bird droppings) for months on end.

What I Liked
Although this product is almost like a wax, it offers better protection from different elements. You won’t have to clean and polish your RV as often, making this a smart buy.

What I Didn’t Like
Technically speaking, Rejex isn’t an “oxidation remover,” so if your RV does have noticeable oxidation damage, this product won’t remove it.

Easy to use
Long-lasting formula
Protects against sunlight and acids
Military-grade material

Not ideal for moderate to severe oxidation
Won’t add shine or gloss to the surface

3M Marine Restorer and Wax

Once again, if you want to save time and money when cleaning and protecting your RV, it’s smart to get a two-in-one formula. This product from 3M both restores any oxidation damage to your motorhome and protects it with a thin layer of wax. Get the best of both worlds.

Rating: 4 Stars


Restores and Protects
Any RVers who want to take a more “laissez-faire” approach to RV cleaning will appreciate the simplicity of this product. Instead of having to clean the surface with an oxidation remover and apply wax, you can take care of both jobs at once.

Add Shine and Gloss
When using this product, we highly recommend utilizing a machine buffer. This way, you can get a deeper clean on your RV’s surface. Also, this formula will restore both the color and shine of the gel coating, but only if you use sufficient pressure (hence the buffer).

What I Liked
When comparing different polish and wax products, 3M has a much better formula than most. I like that you can save time and money by applying this Restorer in a single pass, rather than having to use two different products.

What I Didn’t Like
As with other combo formulas, this material won’t remove or restore heavy oxidation. Also, the wax does protect, but you might have to apply it more often to maintain the same level of protection as other brands.

Easy to use
One-step application
Restores color and shine
Waxes and removes oxidation

Not as strong as traditional oxidation removers
In rare cases, the formula may start to remove gel coat if you press too hard


What can I use to clean my RV from oxidation?
Be sure to use one of these oxidation removers (we highly recommend Meguiar’s) and apply it with a machine buffer. You could do it by hand, but it will take too long, and you’ll get tired well before you finish.

What is the best wax for a motorhome with a gel coat?
Although there are many different brands, look for carnauba wax. This material protects your RVs gel coat surface and keeps it looking glossy and brilliant for longer.

How do I protect my fiberglass RV from oxidation?
There are several ways to ensure that your RV stays in tip-top shape.

Cover it when not in use
Keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible
Clean all surfaces regularly
Cover your motorhome in RV wax every few months

How do I protect my RV from the sun?
Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to keep the sun off of your motorhome while it’s in use. However, when you’re not on the road, you can either keep it under a carport or put an RV cover over it. Overall, sunlight is going to do more damage than anything else.

What is the best RV UV protectant?
When buying the best wax for your motorhome, look for brands that come with extra UV protection. Most waxes can mitigate much of the damage that the sun causes, but be sure that they list UV protection on the label.

Final Verdict
Assuming that your mobile home hasn’t experienced heavy oxidation, we highly recommend Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover. This product is simple to use, it helps restore your RV’s shine, and it will create a lasting barrier. Overall, it’s one of the most versatile and long-lasting formulas we’ve seen.